Park Avenue Alter Ego Signature Deo For Men
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Park Avenue Alter Ego Signature Deo For Men

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Defy body odour and embrace the masculine magic of Park Avenue. Flexible to suit your mood and match every look and place you want it to, be it a crisp and cool meeting, or a casual clubbing. Park Avenue Alter Ego Signature Deo totally justifies the mysteries that the name brings. The notes twist and turn to make the fragrance universal enough to embrace you, and suit every mood and place that you set yourself into. Entrenched in an enigmatic grey and magenta packaging, with Park Avenue embossed, this is the fragrance that suits a keeper of a man, and makes him irresistible. This body spray for men is sexy, sassy, smart, and totally enticing. Spritz it on, after a cool shower in the morning, for a day of freshness, combined with an alluring punch of notes.


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